Tattoo Aftercare

1. Remove The wrap/bandage you left the studio with, after 1-3 hours

2. Wash tattoo with frangrance free, anti-bacterial soap e.g Tattoo Goo antimicrobial soap

3. Apply a light layer of balm specifically for Tattoo’s e.g tattoo goo. Do not use vaseline or sudocrem! If you don’t have any tattoo friendly products specific for application on a healing tattoo, don’t apply anything

4. Repeat steps 2&3, 3 times a day for 3 days

5. On the fourth day, switch to mild moisturising lotion specific for tattoos (e.g. bepanthen tattoo cream, tattoo goo care lotion). Continue moisturising for 3 weeks

6. No sun, swimming or soaking underwater for 3 weeks

7. Do NOT pick or scratch your tattoo while healing. Allow any scabs that form to fall off naturally

8. Once fully healed, use lotion and sunblock to preserve your tattoo

If you have any concerns, please contact us immediately. Itching, a little soreness and slight redness is normal in the first few days, however if your new tattoo becomes inflammed/swollen, hot, or there is any pus this would be a cause for concern and you should contact your GP, call 111 or if you are feverish and feeling unwell as well as having pain, inflammation etc,  head straight to A&E. Although infections are uncommon, it can happen and is easily treated if caught in good time, so if you have any concerns at all, it’s better to be safe and assured :-)