Meet Dexter

Dexter is the quietest and most shy of the team, but don’t let his exterior fool you. He is a deep thinker, intense dreamer and soulful softy. He is quick witted, intelligent, and although we shouldn’t have favourites, we do have a soft spot for Dex

Meet Joey

The “cool” one, Joey is totally chilled, laid back and fun, despite his sometimes unapproachable exterior, that’s only because he is fiercely protective of us all. The studio delivery guy has even got to know him on a first name basis. If you happen to be in the studio long enough, Joey has a selection of games on his lap he would happily play with you…watch out, he’s competitive and yet to lose a game of Dan Dare!

Meet Jerry

Jerry is the sensitive one. He loves writing, reading, music, travel and long walks in the woods. He is down to earth and is a hopeless romantic and treats his girlfriend Sherry like the queen she is. Jerry is a walking dictionary and loves to help us find new ways of stretching our vocabulary. We often find riddles written on post it’s around the shop which stump us for days courtesy of Jerry

Meet Sherry

The Queen of the studio! She is strong willed, knows what she wants and how to get it. Whilst she can sometimes appear cold or closed off, she is a loyal friend and listener and can often give the best advice, simply with just a look.

A warm welcome to Pete the Panda!

He joined us on 20.4.22 and has settled in nicely. On his first day he spent the morning cuddling Bec while she sorted some admin and then in the afternoon he had a lovely client nestling into him while she waited for her partner to get his new ink after enduring her own 2 hour session.

Pete is named after our favourite supplier and we are sure he will be thrilled!

Pete, you have completed the Divine Ink family perfectly

Harley doesn’t really require an introduction, but here we are… we love everythig about Harley Quinn and she seems to fit in well in the studio. Harley mainly keeps an eye on things and keeps the riff raff out. She is still waiting for three of her tattoos, but we didn’t expect to get so busy so quickly, but she is being patient waiting for James to finish them as soon as he can.