Hand and Feet tattoos

Skin on the hands, fingers and feet can alter the longeviety of tattoos in this area and any touch ups, however soon they are required, will be at a cost to the client for the same price as the initial application.

Even in today’s ever inclusive society that is becoming more accepting of body art, you must consider whether or not a hand/finger tattoo could potentially affect your future plans and how this could affect your employability etc. If you are under 25 Divine Ink tattoos will not tattoo hands or fingers. If you are over 25, we still may say no and will take many factors into consideration before agreeing to do this for you If we agree, we will also ask you to sign to the fact you understand and have considered the likely complications this could pose for you in the future.

It’s not just the aesthetic issue with hand tattoos, when it comes to hands and feet the skin differs dramatically and even the most skilled tattooist can easily place the ink in a layer of skin too deep or too shallow, leaving you with a discoloured or blurry mess.

The liquid ink that remains in your skin which forms your tattoo, remains liquid and bumps and scrapes on the most used parts of your body can cause your tattoo to change in these areas.

Tattoos on your hands and feet require long term care, nurturing your skin to keep your tattoo looking good as they face the elements.

If you have a job that means your hands are going to get bashed about and scratched on a regular basis, it is worth rethinking this particular placement.

You must also understand that these placements will likely require regular touch ups